Instructions to Complete USPS Form 1583

For Individuals

Box 1: Enter date
Box 2: Name in Which Your Mail Will Be Received for Delivery to Agent
Box 3 (a)-(c): 761 W. Sproul Road # _________
Springfield, PA 19064-1215
Box 4 (a)-(e): Mail Box Center Limited
761 W. Sproul Road, SPringfield, PA 19064-1215
Box 5: Enter 'Yes' if you want us to accept registered mail for you
Box 6: Enter your name
Box 7 (a)-(e): Enter your address and phone number
Box 8 (a) -(b): Enter the number of your 2 types of identification. Make copies of those identifications to send with your form. (note the acceptable forms of Identification)

For Businesses

Box 9: Enter your company name
Box 10: Enter your company's address and phone number
Box 11: Enter the type of business
Box 12: For the business, enter the names of the people who will receive mail
Box 13: Enter the names and addresses of the company officers
Box 14: Enter the registered business name and address, plus the country, state and date of registration

For Everyone

Box 15: Get the form signed by agent or notary public
Box 16: Your signature (under your signature you should also print your name)