Fax Services

Fax Sending and Confirmation

You do not need to buy a fax machine or install another phone line because you have your own fax at Mail Box Center. We send to all domestic and international locations. We provide a written confirmation for each fax sent for your records.

Fax Receiving

If you are asked if you have a fax machine, just say yes. Our fax number is 610-544-4026 and we can receive your faxes 24 hours a day.

Fax Machine History

Today the word fax is a part of our everyday business vocabulary. Yet not so long ago, the facsimile machine was a novelty. The fax machine became popular in the 1980s when manufacturers agreed on standards for transmission. Interestingly, however, the technology had existed for decades. In fact, the first officially recognized fax was patented by the Scottish scientist Alexander Bain, more than 100 years ago. Bain’s fax was called a ‘recording telegraph” because it used telegraph technology. The modern fax had its roots in research by AT&T’s H. Nyquest who worked to adapt telephone circuits for picture transmission (“telephotography”). After six years of work, his efforts bore fruit when the first fax images were sent in 1924 from Manhattan to Chicago and Cleveland. The 5x7 photos took seven minutes each to transmit.