Unlocked Treasures

What is Unlocked Treasures?

A division of Mail Box Center, Unlocked Treasures is our eBay listing service.  Do you have hidden treasure in your attic, basement or garage? Your old or no longer used items may be valuable and useful to someone else. We help you unlock your treasure by listing your items for you on eBay.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are a Licensed Trading Assistant by the Commonwealth of Pennsylania Department of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.  Our License Number is TRA000029.

Why use your service?

Time is money.  Photographing, describing and listing your item on eBay takes time as does responding to potential buyer inquiries.  Using Unlocked Treasures saves your time. 

Avoid surprises. The biggest user of time and often very costly surprises is the packing and shipping of the item to the customer.  Packing and shipping is our core business and we deal directly with the Buyer who will pay all shipping and handling charges.

Each week, we ship items for eBay sellers and we would be happy to serve you as your packing and shipping headquarters should you choose to list your own items.

How does it work?

  • You bring us your item to us and complete a Consignment Agreement
  • We photograph the item using our digital camera
  • We prepare a description for eBay using the information that you have provided
  • We place the listing on eBay
  • We answer the questions of parties interested in bidding
  • We collect the funds from the winning bidder
  • We pack and ship the item to the winning bidder
  • You receive the net proceeds of the sale

What will my items sell for?

We are not appraisers and cannot know what your item will sell for on eBay.  As an auction service, eBay is designed to encourage multiple bidders; however, there can be no guaranty that your item will sell or what price it will bring if it does sell.  Normally we list your item with a low starting bid since generally a low starting bid results in a higher price because there should be more bidders. 

What items sell on eBay? 

At any given time millions of different items are listed on eBay including almost anything that you would find in a retail store. There are, however, certain items that cannot be sold on eBay including but not limited to alcoholic items, tobacco products, firearms, ammunition, explosives, hazardous materials, dangerous goods, flammable items, poisons, corrosives, radioactive materials, pornographic materials, counterfeit currency and stamps, postage meters, used cosmetics, counterfeit items and unauthorized copies, drugs, drug paraphernalia, embargoed items, offensive items, lottery tickets, lock picking devices, recalled items, or anything prohibited or restricted by law. Please note that Mail Box Center reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse any item for listing on eBay.

You should use common sense when listing an item.  Unless an item is unusual or an antique, it should be in good physical condition.  Generally, equipment and electronic items should be functioning with all parts and accessories.

Can I set a minimum price?

This is not necessarily the best approach since it will deter some bidders; however, it does protect you in the event that a lower price is not acceptable to you.  Because of the lower likelihood of a sale in such a situation, eBay charges higher fees and so do we.  If you wish to set a minimum price for your item you may do so by listing your item using the Premium Package.

What if my item does not sell?

If your item does not sell in the initial auction, we will list it a second time with eBay. If it does not sell in the second auction, you will have 15 days to either pick up the item or pay Mail Box Center shipping and handling charges to return the item to you. In the event that the item is not picked up or shipped, the item will be donated to a local charity

What does it cost?

Mail Box Center charges a non-refundable Listing Fee as well as a commission calculated on the final sales price of the item.

The listing fee is either $ 4.95 (Basic Package) or $ 19.95 (Premium Package) depending on the type of listing you request. The Basic Package includes a listing with no reserve price for a seven (7) day listing period with one photograph. The Premium Package includes a listing with a reserve price and/or a “buy-it-now” price for a ten (10) day listing period with up to eight (8) photographs and a bold listing.  For items with a reserve of more than $ 1,000, a Super Premium Package is available for $ 19.95 plus 1 % of the amount of the reserve in excess of $ 1,000.

In addition to the above-described Listing Fee, Mail Box Center charges a Commission calculated as a percentage of the Closing Price paid by the winning bidder on eBay as follows:

  • Portion of Closing Price: 0 to $ 199.99 - MBC Commission 29% plus
  • Portion of Closing Price: $200 to $ 999.99 - MBC Commission 25% plus
  • Portion of Closing Price: over $ 1,000 - MBC Commission 19%

What about eBay’s fees and Paypal costs?

Unlike many consignment companies, Mail Box Center does NOT charge you for eBay or Paypal fees but pays for them out of its fees and commissions. 

eBay charges a non-refundable listing fee, which varies depending on the type of listing,  and, if the items sells, a final value fee.  Paypal charges a fee and a percentage of the amount collected when the Paypal system is used to pay for an item sold on eBay.
When you use Unlocked Treasures you are NOT charged these fees which will be paid by Mail Box Center.

What about shipping and handling charges to send the item to the winning bidder?
You do NOT have to pay handling and shipping charges to send an item to the winning bidder. Mail Box Center will quote shipping and handling charges in the eBay listing.  These expenses are in addition to the selling price of the item and will be paid to Mail Box Center by the Buyer.

What if a Buyer does not pay?

If a winning bidder does not pay, the item will be relisted in a second auction at no charge to you.

How long will it take?

Normally your item will be listed on eBay within a week after it is received by Mail Box Center.  The eBay auction process will take between 7 and 10 days plus an additional time period if the item does not sell in the initial auction.  The time to collect funds and deliver the item to the Buyer will take as long as two weeks following the end of the auction.   After confirmation of safe and satisfactory receipt of the item by Buyer, payment to you will take place on the 1st or the 16th day of the month.

What if I have other questions?

Just give us a call or come by the store during operating hours and we will be happy to help you.