Large Freight Services

As an authorized shipping center we can assist you in obtaining reduced rates for multi-package shipments being sent via DHL or UPS. Often we can assist you in repacking your multi-package items to save shipping costs. You should note that all of the small package carriers do use dimensional pricing to complement their weight based prices. This means that if the dimensional weight of a package (i.e. the proforma weight assigned by a carrier to the volume of a particular package) exceeds the actual weight of the package, the higher dimensional weight will be used in calculating the shipping cost. These costs can sometimes be mitigated by using more efficient packaging. For this reason we carry an extensive line of packaging materials and offer custom box making.

Some packages however are simply too large for the small package carriers whose systems are generally designed to handle packages in a conveyor belt environment. In these cases, we are able to assist by shipping with a freight company or in the case of international shipments with an air or ocean carrier. Whether a single package or a truck or containerload we are able to assist you in preparing and packing your items, stuffing the trailer or container and completing the necessary documentation for the shipment. We also are able to analyze a shipment consisting of a large number of small packages to determine if a freight company would be a feasible option instead of the small package carriers.

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