Order Fulfillment

Are the shipping and handling aspects of your business a concern for you?  Do you lack space? Are you reluctant to invest in a significant inventory of boxes and packing materials?  Mail Box Center is the resource for you.  We are prepared to be your full service shipping department.

Let us handle the inventory and distribution while you focus on growing your business by marketing and sales.

We can stock and ship items worldwide for you from our facility. Let us handle all of the packing and shipping aspects while you focus on sales and marketing. You fax or email the orders to us and they go out the same day to your customers without delay.

Often our order fulfillment customers choose to rent a private mailbox and use our facility to both receive and ship all packages and parcels.  We can even arrange pick-ups at our facility for your customers allowing you to focus on building your business while we handle all logistics for you.