Mailboxes FAQ

Why do I need to complete a Form 1583?

As a Registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, Mail Box Center is authorized to receive mail for those parties who complete the Form 1583.  This form is required by the US Postal Service to confirm that MBC has the authority to receive your mail.

What is the minimum term for a mail box rental?

Mail boxes are rented by the quarter (3 month terms) and payment must be made in advance.  The month prior to your renewal you will be notified. If you pay rent in advance for a period of one year or more,  you will receive a discount on the total rental.

What mail will come to my mail box?

Unless you complete a change of address general mail forwarding instruction from a previous address, the only mail that will come to your mail box is from those you have instructed to send mail to the box.  Your current mail will continue to be delivered to your existing address unless you complete a mail forwarding instruction or change of address.  Although we do not provide your mail box address to third parties other than the US Postal Service, as you use the address third parties may obtain it resulting in third party mail solicitations.

What is call-in service?

As a Mail Box Center boxholder, you have the ability to call us to determine what items are in your box or if deliveries have occurred.  This saves you time and money since you can decide whether or not to make a trip based on what has been received.

What is 24 Hour Service?

As a Mail Box Center boxholder, you have 24 hour access to your box.  You will receive a passcode which gives you lobby access during non-operating hours.  Packages that are too large for your box can be picked-up during our business hours.

What is the set-up fee?

This is a one-time charge to set you up as a boxholder in our system.  The cost is $10 and is non-refundable.

How many users can I have for my mailbox?

Technically there is no limit to the number of users; however, you should note that each person receiving mail at your box must have a completed Form 1583 on file with MBC.  The US Postal Regulations require separate forms for each person receiving mail at a private mail box including spouses and children.  There are also additional rental charges for boxes with multiple users.

Do you do mail forwarding?

MBC is happy to forward your mail.  We have many customers who travel frequently or who live out of the area.  All that is required is a mail forwarding agreement and a mail deposit to pay for the mail forwarding expenses and service.  Mail can be forwarded as frequently as you require by regular mail or by courier service.

What packages can I receive at my mail box?

Because an MBC private mail box address is a commercial street address,  box holders can receive UPS, FedEx, DHL and common carrier deliveries along with US mail.  This is a major advantage over a regular PO Box since these other carriers cannot deliver to a PO Box.

We do receive pallet deliveries for box holders from freight companies on a regular basis.

What is the address for a private mail box at MBC?

The address is 761 W. Sproul Road # xxx, Springfield, PA 19064.  This is a commercial street address using one of the major highways in Delaware County.