Private Mailboxes

A Mail Box Center mailbox is a lot more than a PO Box

When using our mailbox service, you have a private commercial street address - 761 W. Sproul Road # xxx, Springfield, PA 19064.  In addition to US postal shipments, you are able to receive parcels and overnight items from UPS, FedEx, DHL and other courier and parcel services that cannot deliver to the post office.  We can even receive pallets.

Who needs a Mail Box Center mailbox?

A Mail Box Center mailbox saves you time and money

Mail Box Center has the best mailbox location in Delaware County. No other location has better access to the Blue Route, Route 1 and West Chester Pike.  It is the perfect site for sales and service professionals to receive parts, supplies and samples.  Let us be your Delaware County office and distribution point.  There is no need to waste time traveling to check your box.  Use our call-in service and save time and gas by calling to check the status of mail, faxes or packages.

If you are out of town on vacation or business, Mail Box Center can forward your mail and packages to you.

You can use our order fulfillment services and have us handle all of your inventory and outgoing shipping needs.

A Mail Box Center mailbox is better than using your home address

Frequently your business will require you to be away from home or the office when mail or packages are delivered.  Mail Box Center operates during business hours Monday through Friday as well as on Saturday.  Our signature service means that someone is available to receive and sign for your shipments allowing you to focus on your business knowing that your items are secure without worrying about valuable shipments being left unattended or arriving home to find call tags or pickup notices instead of your packages.  Guard your privacy and let your home be your castle by using a Mail Box Center mailbox to avoid unwanted junk mail and telemarketers.

A Mail Box Center mailbox is accessible 24 hours a day.