Who needs a Mail Box Center mailbox?

  • P.O. Box Holders have a street address plus UPS,DHL, FedEx, Courier and Freight deliveries.
  • People Working Late have 24 hour access and call-in service.
  • eCommerce & Start-up Businesses have all the office benefits without the overhead.
  • New or Competing Product Lines can be tested without confusing customers or alienating suppliers.
  • Home Based Businesses can protect their privacy and separate personal and business activities.
  • Recruiting Firms protect their confidentiality and avoid unwanted office calls by using our address and fax service.
  • Businesses on the Road such as service personnel, salespeople and manufacturers' reps have a distribution point and can use call-in service to certify deliveries.
  • Travelers on business or vacation know their mail and packages are secure and can be forwarded to them wherever they may be.
  • Non-profit Organizations and Civic Groups have a permanent address that remains the same from year to year even though officers may change.
  • Mobile People do not need to worry about changing their address when they move to a new apartment, take a different job or start a new business.

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