DHL Ship Center

Mail Box Center Limited is a DHL Authorized Ship Center and has been a participant in this program since it was initiated in the United States by DHL. As a DASC, we are able to handle all of your DHL international shipping needs here. We offer all DHL services and have a daily pickup of DHL shipments at 4:00 pm.

In 2011, Mail Box Center was recognized by DHL as one of three USA east coast centers having the largest percentage increase in shipping volumes and was presented with this award by DHL's regional manager.

As a DHL Authorized Ship Center, Mail Box Center offers you access to the worldwide distribution network of DHL, the oldest of the major courier services. DHL created the business of door to door international package delivery services. Because of its longstanding relationships and experience, DHL is usually the preferred shipper for international package shipments. We are prepared to assist you with the preparation of your packages and the required export documentation needed for customs clearance in the destination country.

We have all of the necessary boxes and packing materials needed to pack your item securely for shipping with DHL. Using Mail Box Center’s packing service saves time and allows you to know that your items have been packed properly.

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While serving all international markets, DHL is particularly adept in meeting the needs of shippers to emerging markets and remote areas. DHL's highly developed network and longstanding relationships in these areas make it the carrier of choice for these shipments. As the pioneer in opening markets in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the new countries created out of the former Soviet Union, DHL is well established in each of these important markets and has a well deserved reputation for efficiency and excellence.

A majority owned subsidiary of the German Postal Service, Deutsche Poste, since 2002, DHL has unmatched financial and logistical resources to continue to be the world leader in door-to-door international delivery services.